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Version (SEPTEMBER-2015)
  • Change of server and ports to improve performance and security. New download and installation is required, version 2 automatic update will not work.

Version (MAY-2015)
  • FTP Result Sets may now be imported/exported from Analyze Results without restarting COMPOSE.
  • Editor will receive an e-mail when results are ready on the Remote Server.

Version (APR-2015)
  • Bookmark position on each tab.
  • Remote server service now computes PDF/CDF results for new and revised Hourly Profiles. If actual charted values on Hourly Profiles are manually changed, then re-computation of PDF/CDF results must be trickered e.g. by toggling date.

Version (MAR-2015)
  • Experimental remote solver functionality.

Version (FEB-2015)
  • Experimental scenario tool for recording and applying changes to the data set.
  • Academic license installed under Help using license code obtained.
  • Results can now be published and imported under Tools-Sharing.
  • Introducing Intermittency-Volume metric to accompany the Intermittency-Friendliness Coefficient as marginal ability of Option to support intermittent renewables.
  • Commercial and Free Academic Licencing is now available including Gurobi solver. Please contact ENERGIANALYSE.DK.

Version (DEC-2014)
  • Moved preference choice to draw cooling af low-temperature heating to the Options, now selected individually.
  • Added hourly profiles pre-loading status counter in caption.
  • Added automatic saving of generated Probability Distribution Function on Hourly Profiles allowing for quickly browsing through PDF and CDF on Hourly Profiles.

Version (NOV-2014)
  • Fixed Option length exception in local database (minor version update, deletes Editor's previously calculated results, which must be recalculated)
  • Fixed Energy System may become filtered in Analysis flowchart (visual).

Version (NOV-2014)
  • Regulating market in spot market bidding strategy (for any or all of electricity, heating, cooling, or fuel outputs and inputs) may include both up and down regulation markets in the cost (economic, fiscal, or financial) optimization strategy.
  • Added time for update on all records.
  • Added category selection for results.
  • Added mail client instead of SQL sendmail.
  • Added Change Log link to Help menu.
  • Added Network Test to Help menu.
  • Changed Network Test to specified server.
  • Changed Update to fix issue.

Version (OCT-2014)
  • Added Updated datetime field on Cost Benefits in preparation for adding this in general later.
  • Added option in Preferences to draw Cooling as low temperature heat (Red color, Heating (LT) as text).
  • Added min, max, std. dev. to Basic statistics on Hourly Profile.
  • Fixed Solver text on Analysis to correctly display minimized by which cost benefit type
  • Fixed unexpected error if name of analysis was longer than 50 chars (minor version update, local database, overwrites previous results)

Version (NOV-2013)
  • Introducing energy system charting, including correlations
  • Starting merging MPL Sparse, Excel export, Results database, and Resulting Sankey.

Version (JUL-2013)
  • Introducing flowcharts and Sankey diagrams.
  • Introducing one-click to open LP/MILP programs in MPL.

Version (OCT-2012)
  • First version, first local database, first release, x build
  • Introducing COMPOSE TV (Youtube channel with training videos)
  • Firmly integrated wiki
  • Firmly developed build and distribution procedures
  • Introducing resulting profiles, making COMPOSE's approach to data modelling more approachable
  • Multiple fixes and improvements

Version (JAN-09-2011)
  • Multiple improvements and fixes.

Version (OCT-10-2010)

Version (SEP-17-2010)
  • Experimental use of project flowchart mapping.

Version (JUN-6-2010)
  • Major revisions including operational techno-economic simulation and optimization of plants - licensing required for full functionality

Version (Nov-15-2008)
  • Allow viewing editor for each record
  • Allow viewing all editors
  • Fixed frmtools.free after import of results
  • Adding import of demand when importing EnergyPRO project
  • Various fixes

Version (Hotfixes)

Version (OCT-26-2008)
  • Improved log-in
  • Changes structure of analysis to Select Options, Calculate, Results
  • Re-introduced progress bar on download new version

Version (OCT-07-2008)
  • Fixed loop on sending calculation e-mail notification.
  • Introduced calculation start and end timing in Calculation

Version (SEP-22-2008)
  • Fixed wrong default editor ID that made resetting screen defaults to crash
  • Fixed order of commands for importing EnergyPRO from Clipboard, or no project record was imported
  • Added wiki-material on multiple defaults
  • Revised certain routines, including remote data storage

Version (SEP-08-2008)
  • Export and import of results for calculated project pairs allowing for distributed computing
  • Notification of calculation to weblog
  • Default records for all tables
  • Improved data-on-entry consistency
  • Improved login procedure for new users
  • Import EnergyPRO from Clipboard was off by default, and installation did not find the "saved clipboard as text" file. Now on by default.
  • Various minor fixes

Version (MAY-23-2008)

Version, revision, build:
Major: COMPOSE version
Minor: MS Access database design version saved in registry 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment' as 'COMPOSE_MINORVERSION'.
Rev: COMPOSE Update version
Build: Build